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My Dogs And How They Shaped My Life

By Jude Heimel

My Dogs front cover Jude HeimelMy Dogs is a book for dog lovers.

Eight great dogs are introduced, each one unique in breed, personality and the role they played in the author’s life. From Rottweiler to twenty-pound spaniel, each dog is full of love, compassion and courage.

Ms. Heimel’s keen eye and insight into dogs reveal the hidden side of family pets as heroes, guides and, of course, loyal friends. From her heroic first dog Paddy to her current dog Lacey and the six amazing canines in between, the stories are genuine and heartwarming.

My Dogs And How They Shaped My Life is a book about recovery from adversity.

This is a story of one woman’s journey through life—facing disillusionment, divorce and disabilities. Ms. Heimel lays bare the struggles she has confronted—jealousy from her mother; infidelity and betrayal by her husband; disabilities from genes, falls and aging. The difficulties she encounters are familiar to many. If they do not mirror your own life history, then they have been experienced by your friend, parent, sibling or neighbor.

The author chronicles the choices she has made—aided by a companion dog at her side. She chooses to go forward again and again, even when her mind is clouded by anger and resentment. “Dogged resilience” is the trait she has adopted from canine companions who carried her through many of her life challenges. After reflecting on and learning from her experiences, she musters a healthy resilience to move forward.

My Dogs provides an uncanny view into the human-canine bond.  This is a WellDone read.

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  • I planned to read the book slowly,

    one dog story at a time, but I got caught up in the author's life as it was weaved into the book. If you are a lover of animals, and especially dogs, this book is for you.

    - Marie A

    The stories were helpful to me.

    They made me self reflect and acknowledge grief I still hold. Then I got busy and applied the “dogged resilience” the author describes.

    - Ellen C

    The author is a strong woman.

    She faced many difficulties well. She inspires me to be strong, too.

    - Jen W

    It was a good read.

    Made me wish the author had more dogs so I could keep reading.

    - George K

    I couldn’t put it down!

    I was up until 2am.

    - Helen B