Dixie, Neighborhood Watch Dog

January 1, 2010 – unknown



Dixie, lean and muscular at 100 pounds and 29 inches to the shoulder, is described in chapter 7 in My Dogs And How They Shaped My Life.

Here we see Dixie as a three-month old puppy, then, still as a pup,
ready to follow her friend Dancer (chapter 6) wherever he leads.

Dixie, growing – and grown!

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  • I planned to read the book slowly,

    one dog story at a time, but I got caught up in the author's life as it was weaved into the book. If you are a lover of animals, and especially dogs, this book is for you.

    - Marie A

    The stories were helpful to me.

    They made me self reflect and acknowledge grief I still hold. Then I got busy and applied the “dogged resilience” the author describes.

    - Ellen C

    The author is a strong woman.

    She faced many difficulties well. She inspires me to be strong, too.

    - Jen W

    It was a good read.

    Made me wish the author had more dogs so I could keep reading.

    - George K

    I couldn’t put it down!

    I was up until 2am.

    - Helen B